Name URL Description
AboutIslam Features Islamic news, Q&A with scholars, and articles on shar’ia, politics, family, culture, and faith.
OnIslam Became AboutIslam, but includes old content from OnIslam.
Islam Religion Includes articles covering the basics of Islam, as well as comparative religion, scientific miracles, and the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
IslamToday Monitored by Sheikh Salman Al-Oadah, and includes articles on spirituality, character, and contemporary issues
Seekers Hub Articles, answers and online courses on detailed topics. This is a great resource for new Muslims wanting to know specifics about Islam.
Islam Guide The online version of the book, “A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam”
Islam 101 An educational site on Islam, its theology, rituals, human relations and everything else in life


Name URL Description
Qur’an Explorer Listen to Quran being recited, as well as translated in various languages. You can choose from different reciters.
Qur’an Weekly Includes brief, weekly videos, that include topics such as Qur’an, Hadith, and Stories related to Islam.


Name URL Description
Hadith of the Day One of the most popular hadith sites, it includes daily wisdoms and even has an app.
40 Hadith Nawawi Insight and commentary on the famous collection of hadiths by Imam Nawawi.


Name URL Description
New Muslim Academy Developed specifically for new converts, this site offers free courses and a proactive learning environment.
Bayyinah Institute Founded by Nouman Ali Khan, this institute has online resources such as podcasts, seminars, and a video library.
Al-Maghrib Institute Al-Maghrib is a non-profit institute, aimed at teaching Islam in a fun, spiritual, and academic way. Alternating instructors hold weekend seminars that incorporate relevant topics to Muslims in cities across the world. Typically a speaker comes to Edmonton every 3-4 months.
Seeker’s Guidance Seeker’s Guidance offers free online courses, as well as an extensive Q&A section and podcast.


Name URL Description
The Deen Show A talkshow whose host, Eddie, is a convert himself. It has various topics and well known scholars as guests.
Lost Islamic History For the history buff in all of us, this site contains many well-researched articles dealing with rarely-mentioned Islamic figures and historical events