Muslim Lingo

You’ll probably hear these phrases quite a bit. Familiarize yourself with them, and slowly introduce them into your own speech. Remember, saying any of these is actually an act of worship which God will reward, insha’Allah (God willing).

Phrase Meaning Say when…
Bismillah In the name of God you are starting a task
Salam Alaikum…

»Wa rahmatullahi…


Peace be upon you

»Peace and mercy of God
be upon you

»Peace, mercy and blessings of God
be upon you

you are greeting a Muslim.
(Each addition to the greeting
is an extra level of reward)
Alhumdulillah Thank God you are grateful for something
(i.e. “I passed that test, alhumdulillah!”)
SubhanAllah Glory be to God you are amazed at God’s will or creation
(i.e. “Subhanallah that sunset it beautiful.”)
MashahAllah God has willed it complimenting someone
(i.e. “Your hair is nice, mashahallah.”)
Astaghfirullah God forgive me you have sinned or made a mistake
(i.e. “Astaghfirullah I slept past fajr prayer.”)
Insha’Allah God willing you plan on doing something
(i.e. “Insha’Allah I will visit you tomorrow.”)
JazakAllah khair May God reward you thanking someone
(i.e. “Jazakallah khair for picking me up.”)
Waiekum And you as well someone says “Jazakallah khair” to you
Sallalahu alayhi wa salam Peace be upon him mentioning the name of Prophet Muhammad
or any of the other Prophets
Subhannah wata Allah Most High and Exalted mentioning God
La hawla wala quwata
illah billah
There is no power or strength
besides God
irritated about something
Allahu akbar God is Great glorifying God, His attributes, or His will.
(i.e. “God willed that I became a Muslim, Allahu Akbar.”