This month’s events

May 2017

Rahma Mosque | 6104 172 st | Upstairs board room

Wednesdays at 7 PM unless otherwise noted
May 3

Islam 101: Sha’ban – The Prelude to Ramadan
with Sheikh Amin

May 10

The Prophetic Neighbour

May 17
Let’s Connect: Open Discussion Circle

May 24

Opening the Doors of Ramadan
with guest Faraz Ahmed

May 27

May 31
Convert Connect Iftar





What is Convert Connect

Convert Connect provides a network for Muslim converts to connect with the community, with each other, and with themselves. Through Convert Connect, we provide:

  • A weekly discussion group
  • Guest speakers
  • Monthly social events
  • An extensive list of resources
  • Links to mosque calendars in Edmonton
  • A new-convert support package

Our discussion group meets every Wednesday, 7 PM, at Rahma Mosque (6104 172 st) in the main prayer hall.

We are open to new Muslims, born Muslims, and non-Muslims. Feel free to contact us via the email button on the right.

Convert Connect is a program developed through the Muslim Association of Canada.